Camping Fees At Track

$5 Per Person or $15 Maximum Per Camper for First Come Sites

$25 Per Night per Unit on Prime Sites (Located in Rows 1-5 with Electrical)
Contact the office to see if anything is available.

Season Sites ~ First Row $450

Second Row $400

Third Row $375 - $400

Fourth Row $375 - $400

Fifth Row Single Site $375 - $400

If you leave your trailer / camper on the grounds, the Thunder Valley Staff will mow near your equipment
however we are not going to get close or run a weed eater. It is your responsibility to keep it looking tighty.

All numbered Spaces are reservable sites. Anyone whom rented a space during the 2023 Racing Season has until May 1st, 2024 to pay for the same space for the 2024 Racing Season. Any spaces that are not paid for by May 1st are open to the next person on our waiting list, to reserve for the remaining season. In the business office there is the waiting list for spaces, if you are interested in having your name added to the list please send an
e-mail or call Cherrie @ 605-648-3605.

Pit Space Specs:

Row # 1: All Pavement
Spaces A - 19 are 18' Wide x 85' Long; these spaces have camper style electrical
Spaces 20 - 22 are 90' Long; these spaces have camper style electrical
Space 23 is all of the grass area between the scale and return road.

Row #2 All Pavement:
Spaces A - 34 are 22' Wide x 65' Long;

Row # 3: All Pavement
Spaces 1 - 13 have no electric
Spaces 14 & 15 are electric
Spaces 16 - 19 are 70' Long and do NOT have electric

Row # 4: All Pavement
Spaces 1 & 2 have electric and are 70' Long
Spaces 3 & 4 do NOT have electric and are 70' Long

Row # 5:
Spaces 1 & 2 are on Gravel but have electric
Spaces 3 - 14 have Pavement and Electrical spaces are 26' Wide and 72' Long

Leaving a trailer or camper for the season in a NON-RESERVED area $300 each unless you are hooked up to power
these spaces will be $350 per season. The allowed space for these pit spots are approx 22' wide x 90' long.